The Agency of Liars

Guess which agency that is? That’s right, you win! It’s the NSA, who as we know, keeps fucking lying. They’ll lie to Congress, they’ll lie in court, they’ll lie anywhere and everywhere and everywhen. The lying will never stop because our courts are unable to hold them accountable. I really hope that changes. In the meantime, check out this article about the newest lies the NSA is spewing. They have to delete the evidence of their crimes. For national security, okay? National security! Terrorism!

Hey thanks jerks, stupid NSA and their lies, their obfuscation, and their hatred of freedom.

Whew. I feel a little better now. Only a little, though. You know why? The head of the NSA lied to congress. He went up there, swore to tell the truth, and then lied. Just…lied. Now, one might think he’d be facing charges of perjury. At least, I would think that. But he’s not.

This frustrates me a lot. This is our government doing this and we only find out about this stuff because Snowden went rogue. I don’t know about you, but for me, it really bothers me that so few people had access to the knowledge of our government spying. And they acted like it’s okay. They acted like the NSA has stopped any terrorism through this. I think it was like, maybe one incident, but even that was dicey.

So why? Why are we allowing an ineffective agency to spy without any tangible gains? Now, if they were able to point out some serious terrorism they stopped, I’d have a harder time being pissed off. However, not so much.

I’d write my Representatives and Senators, but, uh, they’re not in a position of power over the NSA. They’re not on the Council for Spying (it has a fancier name, I admit, but a spade is a spade).

Okay, so here’s a list of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Do you see one of your Senators? If so, shoot them a message.


And for the House of Representatives, the Intelligence Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.

Republicans                                                                   Democrats

Chair:  Rep Lynn Westmoreland (GA)    Ranking Member: Rep. Jan Schakowsky (IL)
Rep. Jeff Miller (FL)                                       Rep. Ed Pastor (AZ)
Rep. Michelle Bachmann (MN)                 Rep. Jim Himes (CT)
Rep. Thomas J. Rooney (FL)
Rep. Mike Pompeo (KS)


For more information, check out the EFF’s resources.



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