We Could Have Municipal Fiber Networks

Once again, the government has sided up with big business (Comcast, other telecommunications companies) and screwed over the citizens of the USA. Why? Well, as if I had to tell you, it’s because big telecom doesn’t like competition or free markets. It’s because they can lobby state and/or local governments to protect an industry that doesn’t need any protection at all.

Motherboard gives the example of Washington D.C., where, following a 1999 agreement with Comcast, an 100 Gbps fiber network was installed in 2006, but can only be used by nonprofits and the government.

Yup. And that’s not the only one! One last note from Slate:

Big corporations are hard to oppose in any industry, but usually Americans can use their buying power to make their opinions known and influence companies. But in this situation Internet service providers have created a situation where it’s difficult to find other options. Welp, time to go write to the FCC.


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