You have no rights

This post from Quora explains why you should never resist arrest. Essentially, it’s because the cops treat you like a criminal, always, no matter who you are. They assume you’re guilty. I guess the courts are supposed to presume innocence, but the cops have no qualms about doing precisely the opposite.

The fact is, you have no rights. You don’t have the right to not be arrested. The cops can manufacture any excuse. They can pull you over and arrest you without any need to actually feel you did something wrong. All they have to do is lie. Here are a few lies that can get you pulled over: “I smelled marijuana.” “She wasn’t wearing her seatbelt.” “He was driving erratically.” Then, after a few trumped up charges, they can arrest you.

Cops don’t prosecute. They don’t need significant evidence to make your life miserable. They can’t directly put you in jail, but they can certainly ruin your weekend. In other words, according to that post from Quora, you should never resist arrest because you have no rights, not until the courts get involved. Up until then, if you annoy them or in any way treat them as less than your superiors, the cops can and will lie to make you miserable. They punish.

Now, you do technically do have rights. Technically. But you have to realize, your rights don’t begin until you get to court. Then, if the police did something wrong, the case gets thrown out. In the court of law, you have rights. Just not in practical everyday situations.


3 thoughts on “You have no rights

  1. I completely agree. There’s one additional strategy I’ve found very effective. Be nice. Exhibit non-threatening behavior in your body language, and when answering questions. I’ve been in at least a half-dozen situations (quite accidentally) where speaking respectfully, using a soft tone of voice to police has influenced them enough to change their mind about arresting me. Sometimes it even works on traffic tickets. If you want to go to jail and fight it out later in court, I can respect that, but personally speaking, I have better things to do with my time.

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