How to Conquer a State

Milwaukee county prosecutors recently released court documents about their investigation into Scott Walker.

…prosecutors allege that Governor Walker participated in a coordinated effort with a dozen national conservative and business groups to illegally raise money during the 2011 and 2012 recall elections that targeted not only the governor but also state senators.

Now, to be clear, he hasn’t been charged with anything as of yet, if ever. On to the laws in question:

Federal and Wisconsin election laws allow outside groups to freely spend money for efforts supporting candidates of their choice, prosecutors note, but the candidates, as well as their representatives, are not allowed to coordinate that spending for their campaigns

My main beef here is pretty simple. Haven’t we opened up campaign finanace law enough? Seriously, the only thing they did wrong w as coordinate with “Americans for Prosperity, Wisconsin Club for Growth, the Republican Party of Wisconsin, and the Republican Governors Association.” In other words, it wasn’t that he couldn’t raise an insane amount of money, it’s that he wanted to illegally use that power to get Republicans elected as state senators. Let’s be clear, Scott Walker didn’t need to be involved in that.

The model is a classic by now. The Kochs are the worst offenders of this. Basically, a bunch of outside money flows into a state, they target every democrat that they could possibly topple, and they turn the whole state legislature Republican. It’s the purest form of politics, one that doesn’t care about ideas or prowess or anything. It’s a brute force tactic, and with any luck, they can redraw the districts and then permanently seize control of the state. My home state of has been invaded. The friendly old moderates got knocked off. Now it’s a sea of red and a few blue dots with the cities. I don’t like having a polarized state government. I don’t like gridlock and I don’t really like the battle between the Far-right and the Near-right wings of the Republican party, which is grinding everything to a halt. The only thing they can agree on is that they hate the cities.


3 thoughts on “How to Conquer a State

  1. It’s a game of the rich. like corporations haven’t had enough control already :/ living in Wisconsin the anger against Walker was ever prevalent and when the recall came we *knew* that he was gone…and then he stayed. Secondly wolfpack! hopefully times will change

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