The Footsteps of History

In times of economic distress, amid the chaos of broken dreams and failed mortgages and lost jobs, nationalism is known to rise. A lot of people like to point to the Nazis because they seized power in the hardships of the 1930s. But history doesn’t seem to work like that. It doesn’t replicate itself. It seems to follow the boom/bust of the economic cycle. Our world will never been the same as it was in the 1930s. However, that isn’t to say we don’t have anything we can learn from that.

Today, we have a refugee crisis. It hasn’t been this bad since WWII, when everything was fucked up and most of Europe was a brutal warzone. Europe is facing the onslaught, but it’s an onslaught of people seeking a better life away from their war-torn homes. This even as the remnants of the First World War come to a bloody finality in Syria and Lebanon and Iraq. The situation is not the same, but each step from the past echoes through today.


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