I’m nervous about my Google Fiber

I live in Kansas City. I have Google Fiber. For the price, it’s literally the very best option. Aside from my hatred of AT&T and the other big telecommunications companies, it’s actually the best option in terms of speed and cost. I rent a house and my internet cost $300 for 7 years (purely the installation fee, no charge for 7 years, which meant that even if I only live in this rental house for a year, it was still cheaper than the internet I was getting from AT&T, and the longer I stay, the sweeter the price).

Money aside, I really hate AT&T. I had AT&T for years. All the time I spent on the phone felt like years. It was only a few hours here and there, but it was hours! Hours for bullshit dealing with all the idiotic problems (or rather, not dealing with them). So when Google was like, hey KC, we want to give you come sweet internet, I said YES PLEASE FUCK PLEASE PLEASE THANK YOU GOOGLE. Yeah, I was pretty excited.

Now I’m starting to wonder about it. I wonder how much Google peers and saves my data. I wonder if it’s really wise to stay signed in to my Gmail and browse while I’m using Google’s Fiber network and looking at ads that Google is paid to show me (just kidding I use Adblock). Google makes me nervous. I worry about my privacy. I worry how much data they store and I’m worried at how easy it is for municipal, state, and federal authorities to simply scoop up my data.

I’m not really too scared or I’d probably use some kind of encryption. I don’t. I don’t really have anything to hide from them. But it does bother me. Google bothers me. They used to be like, “Don’t be evil!” Maybe they still say that, yet I don’t trust them not to abuse my data. They’re not a little startup now, or even a moderate sized company. They’re trying to rule the internet and I’m uncomfortable being a pawn in their war.

That said, I’d rather be Google’s pawn than AT&T’s bitch.




2 thoughts on “I’m nervous about my Google Fiber

  1. Unless you plan on hooking up directly with an ethernet cord, don’t plan on fast speeds. However when they fuck up on your installation they do come and fix their mistake for free!!

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