The Betrayal of Sykes-Picot?

Hey you remember that time some guys drew up a map of the Middle East based on colonial interests and it fucked millions of people about a century so far?

Musings on Maps

The announcement of the formation of an Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in the areas that its forces occupy in Iraq and Syria as “The Islamic State,” and successor of the Ottoman Empire, parallels the disintegration of Syria as a nation, notwithstanding the continued tenacity of local strongman Bashar al-Assad.  Despite repeated mapping in the news, Syria seems to have been rendered a failed national state.  With any prospects for a peaceful resolution more distant, subverted by regional violence across Iraq, the needs of refugees and people have been obfuscated.  And the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire, once relegated to the history books, has begun to haunt the endgame of Syria’s civil war more prominently than it ever had with the now-inevitable dismantling, after a century, of boundaries drawn by Europeans at the historical Sykes-Picot Accord of 1916. Increasingly, we must ask what sort of map we want to make and…

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