My Enemy, the Monolith

Diplomatic relations between US and Russia in 1993 were shaky. Things were getting bad in Russia. Unsustainable. And in this moment of capitalist triumph, the very people who should’ve been happy were distressed. The US government needed an enemy. They needed an evil empire. So what did they do? They tried to prop up a dying empire.

Now we have new enemies. We have Islamic extremists, enemy to all empires, progress, and generally everything. Now we have crazy ol’ Russia with Vlad at the helm. Now we have everything we had before, but went unnoticed because we were too busy trying to outsmart the USSR that we imagined was monolithic. That’s just as deluded as thinking the US is a monolith now. The world is a tapestry of history that’s far too much to consider in the simplistic way the media likes to portray.