The concrete roots of capitalism’s magical thinking

My initial reaction to anti-capitalist screeds is to roll my eyes. But, uh, wow this is pretty right on. I do have a few issues. For one, it starts out by putting this in quotes: “there is no alternative.” Yet…this is no way convinces me that there IS an alternatives. I come across this a lot in anti-capitalist stuff and it’s always the same. Put force the vague idea of a cooperative and just suppose that it’ll be any better. The problem is the assumption that humanity can live in a harmonious cooperative or anything like that. There will always be people in control and they won’t relinquish true power. Even if it was a perfect system, they’d still have to maintain control of it to keep it that way. That’s my biggest beef with this sort of ideology. Yes, fuck capitalism, it’s terrible. But tell me about a mechanism to remove the Controllers from society. Please, enlighten me as to how to change human nature with a clever political/economic system.

Systemic Disorder

Most people don’t actually like capitalism. Dislike of the jobs we head to each day is quite the norm. Resentment of the power of the corporations we deal with in our daily lives crosses all social lines. Loathing of banks is nearly universal, across the political spectrum.

A sullen resignation to the continual unfairness of the world is pervasive. And yet, “there is no alternative.” Mercenary scribblers furiously tell us so. That this barrage of propaganda ceaselessly flows from the corporate media and other institutions speaks for itself as to the necessity of reinforcing this message; but it doesn’t in itself account for the widespread acceptance of “there is no alternative.”

There is the argument that if we simply ceased to cooperate, it would grind to a halt. Tempting though that argument is — and, in theory, it holds much truth — the puzzle of capitalism’s continued acceptance is a good…

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