Wife beating education for sports fan and everyone else

I was going to add a normal comment, but of course some asshole showed up and ruined it for everyone. Anyway, my basic analysis is this: Some sports fans (one would expect there to always be a few terrible people, but it’s shockingly common) seem to love the game and everyone who plays it. Anything that gets in the way is treated as an affront to EVERYTHING, so if a player can’t play, they instinctively blame the person who got in the way. Up to and including saying it was all her fault, that essentially because he’s a big dumb football dude he has no liability, she knew the risks. Which is dumb, of course. As for the police part of it, well, I think the history of the police speaks for itself. They’ll fuck up everything in favor of the status quo and/or ruin the lives of innocent people so they can blame somebody other than the VIP culprit.


Do you know what I am doing this morning? I’m glued to ESPN talk radio, which is 98.7FM in the NYC area, although it is a national station and can be streamed online as well.

Here’s a statement you might be surprised to hear from me. In the past decade, sports talk radio has become the best, rawest, and most honest source of information about how our culture condones and ignores violence against women, not to mention issues of race and homophobia. True fact. You are not going to hear this stuff from politicians or academics.

Right now I’m listening to the Mike & Mike program, which has guest Jemele Hill, who is killing it. I’m a huge fan of hers.

The specific trigger for the conversation today is the fact that NFL football player Ray Rice has been indefinitely suspended from playing now that a video…

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