Pray tell, wtf is a Ba’athist?

From Wikipedia:

A Ba’athist society seeks enlightenment, renaissance and rebirth of Arab culture, values and society. It supports the creation ofsingle-party states, and rejects political pluralism in an unspecified length of time – the Ba’ath party theoretically uses an unspecified amount of time to develop an enlightened Arabic society. Ba’athism is based on principles of Arab nationalism, pan-Arabism, Arab socialism, as well as social progress. It is a secular ideology. A Ba’athist state supports socialist economics to a varying degree, and supports public ownership over the heights of the economy but opposes the confiscation of private property. Socialism in Ba’athist ideology does not mean state socialism or economic equality, but modernisation; Ba’athists believe that socialism is the only way to develop an Arab society which is truly free and united.

The article goes on to note that Syria and Iraq (formerly) are actually neo-Ba’athist, given that they’re not actually Ba’athist, as they didn’t promote pan-Arabism, social progress, or socialism. Essentially, it’s just tyranny hiding under a progressive cloak. But I look at that agenda and I think, you know, maybe REAL Ba’athism is really what Iraq needs right now. There aren’t any, sadly, so instead we’re reminded that once again, when an idealistic group takes over a government, those ideals are often subverted and authoritarianism takes hold.


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