Report from a Concerned World Citizen

States in Africa are becoming more authoritarian to deal with rebels and terrorist threats, including Nigeria, Libya, Egypt, and Kenya. In Europe, right wing Nationalists are more popular than ever, both in the east and west, and the Ukraine/Russia conflict is spiraling badly out of control. Asia is suffering from several serious issues (it’s rather large, so let’s split it up into impacted regions).

First, the situation in the Middle East is getting worse, more war, more authoritarianism, and way too much death, all while Israel continually ignores and fucks with Palestinians. China and India are competing for influence in the nations between them. China and the entire east coast of Asia are duking it over territorial waters (see Nine-dotted line), not to mention the water rights issues plaguing Southeast Asia.

In South America, Brazil is proving dominant, yet its issues with corruption and ineffectiveness are tearing at the seams of their society, all while the drug trade continues and Argentina battles its creditors. Mexico is fraying, and fraying bad, and Canada is increasing it’s anti-terrorism campaign in light of the recent attacks. The USA has a starkly conservative legislature that can’t override a presidential veto.

Gridlock, war, and economic decay on a wide scale. But hey, at least we got gay marriage.


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