Social Justice Fatigue

So what with the whole police murdering people (well, black males), the internet has exploded with outrage. And let’s be real, most every criticism is spot-on and quite true. But! And this but may be unpopular, but I’m so fucking sick of reading about it. I mean, I’M THE CHOIR! I’m the person that already agrees. So is pretty much everybody else that reads about it, because the racists and blind police advocates aren’t interested and they don’t really come across it. Is it really necessary to reblog/repost/whatever every single thing? Yes, it’s an outrage, yet, does anyone honestly think that posting about it will change anything? Like, seriously, does the perpetual outrage machine really think it’s helping to overload us with it?

I have only so many fucks to give. And you know what? I’m can’t care that much anymore. My outrage is fading. I just can’t bring myself to read all of it anymore. Yes, I agree, but what good does that do anyone?

Unfortunately, this ties into a broader issue. This is only one facet of the problems that stand in the face of progress. There’s so many more. I’ve personally detailed quite a few points where the police state is suffocating us, because I felt I had something to add. And I’m done now, because my thoughts are out there. I’ve added what I have to add.

There are so many problems in this world. If we do this every single time, how many people like me will be pushed away? If we freak the fuck out EVERY SINGLE TIME, then doesn’t that devaluate the currency of caring? Because I promise you, there will be another issue. This will happen again, and when it does, I want to care. I don’t want to be so tired of it that I can’t bring myself to stay up to date.

Like with “gamergate.” (how about we stop fucking adding gate to everything?). I agree that the response by sexists was terrible, but I couldn’t bring myself to stay up with it. I’m suffering from social justice fatigue.

Am I the only one?

Note: I suppose I should mention that nobody I follow here does that, so thank you and know this is more directed at liberal news organizations (Slate is the absolute worst), tumblr, and twitter.


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