The Atrocious UN Security Council

Amnesty International called for the five permanent members of the UN Security Council to give up their veto power in cases of atrocity. Those members are the UK, the US, France, China, and Russia. Each of these countries can veto any action by the UN Security Council. Now, you might also recognize those countries as the top five weapons exporters in the world. That’s right. But that’s just one small part of it.

They’ll never give up their advantages in the highest arena of power politics. As the Amnesty International secretary general stated, those five countries used the veto power to “promote their political self-interest or geopolitical interest above the interest of protecting civilians.”

While it’s a noble effort, China doesn’t have an elected government, so no amount of citizen pressure could change that. Russia and the others do technically have representative governments, but even still, there’s no way they’d let go of that veto power. Furthermore, even if they did, the simple fact that China couldn’t be pressured means China would never let it go, and the whole idea would never work unless they all agreed.

Dead on arrival.


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