Gambling with Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu adopted a refined view on an Iran nuclear arms deal. His previous claim of requiring Iran to have exactly “ZERO” of anything concerning nuclear materials was dropped. Still, he says Obama’s plan doesn’t go far enough. Previously, anonymous Israeli officials leaked some of the plans to put pressure on Obama. (NYT)

With Netanyahu’s speech to the conservative-majority US legislature, relations between the leaders of the US and Israeli are in an icy freeze. Not only is that stupid for pure military reasons, it’s also short sighted and potential damaging to Israel’s vibrant democracy as US conservatives and Israeli conservatives start to team up.

On top of that, a former Mossad chief said Netanyahu’s time table of Iranian nuclear progression is way off base and that Iran’s ballistic missiles could not hit “every part of the United States.” For one thing, that would be very, very impressive if it could. Netanyahu either respects Iran a whole lot or he’s playing a tightrope political game to win the upcoming elections. It’s seems insane to gamble with the future of a country for a single election. (AP)


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