So they’re legislating now?

What’s with this legislation actually happening lately?

We’ve got a budget deal in the works at the moment and it looks like it’ll pass. There’s the debt limit increase that Boehner passed through when he resigned as Speaker. The the highway funding bill that’s actually got some staying power. There’s the bipartisan No Child Left Behind fix.

They’re working on a bill that would give the president more power to end unfair trade practices (among other things, like giving Customs more power to stop counterfeit and illegal goods). Of course, although it looks likely to pass right now, it hasn’t made it past the Senate yet. It does have some very interesting additions like a provision “to permanently bar state and local governments from taxing Internet access.”

I instinctively doubt Paul Ryan is the catalyst for this, but it’s curious that it does come at a time when Ryan took over. Either he’s a much better consensus builder than I gave him credit for, or something very odd is happening in Congress right now.


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