Lacking Accountability, Disclosure, and Progress

Every time a city does something wrong and gets sued, the money from the settlement comes from taxpayers. So when a city employee harasses someone and the city gets sued, that’s taxpayer money. When a cop kills someone and the city pays a settlement, that’s tax dollars at work. Now, this is probably a rather obvious thing. Or at least, it should be.

Yet there continues to be a lack of accountability for such things. Chicago has paid out millions and didn’t do a damn thing to reign in the murder.

In Kansas City, you’ve got over two million paid out and taxpayers aren’t even allowed to know why:

Jackson County has spent more than $2 million since 2011 settling employment discrimination complaints brought by county employees. Yet county taxpayers are never told the specific nature of the allegations or whether corrective actions were taken to lessen the likelihood of future payouts.

That’s the thing about settlements. There’s justice for the wronged, but the city still has to pay for it. Worse, there’s absolutely nothing saying the truth has to be revealed. There’s no mechanism to prevent non-disclosure clauses. Nothing.

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