Remember 2008?

I was all in for Obama. I was, of course, hopelessly optimistic and idealistic. Realistically, I should’ve known. Cynicism was my standard reaction even in 2008. But dammit, I believed that he would try to change things. And maybe he did try, but one thing I do know is that he failed. Change? Not actually an option.

You see, we have this wildly unrealistic view of what the president can do. we act like the president can do, well, really anything. The president cannot pass legislation. In this era, the president can’t even really guide it.

My ideals align pretty well with Bernie Sanders, but there’s a lot about him that just won’t work. He makes big promises that he literally cannot possibly deliver on. That’s been true for a long time. He advocates for a sort of capitalist-based safety net in the Scandinavian style. But congress would need to act on that and it was barely even possibly to cram Obamacare through with a Democratic House AND Senate.

Now Bernie Sanders is proposing a way to break up the big banks. That’s great and all. I’m totally down with that. But the way he wants to do it simply won’t work.

I’m tired of promises that can’t be kept. That’s why I lean toward Hillary Clinton. Do I like her? Ehhh not really. Do I like her cozy establishment ways? Eeehhh no. No I don’t. Not at all.

But Clinton promises are hard. They’re meaningful. If I wasn’t a cynic before, I sure as hell am now. I don’t think she’ll be great. I think she’ll engage in drone warfare way too much, work for the banks way too much, and probably cause huge issues while headbutting with Republicans.

But I think we’ve got to pick the better candidate for the job. Not the candidate that shares my ideals, but the candidate that will be best for the country. Not because I like her, but because Bernie Sanders promises what he can’t deliver and HE KNOWS IT. He’s a politician like any other. If we’re forced to choose, then we should choose the person who has the best chance to put us on the right path. Bernie will just get us into pointless squabbles.



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