Am I asleep?

Anybody who says “wake up, people, so-and-so” is automatically a target of me ignoring them. It makes me immediately consider them conspiracy theorists. The kind of people that say “wake up” are the kind of people that imagine everyone is asleep to the “truth.”

While I don’t have the highest opinion of the general population, I find this categorization small-minded. There are many perspectives and trying to “wake” people up to a particular viewpoint indicates an inability to acknowledge an alternate view.

Now, that doesn’t mean whoever is saying it is wrong. It just means that I automatically assume they’re insane  and therefore ignore them. I’m not asleep. I’m not a sheep. Being condescending will get you nowhere.

And to the final use, “woke.”

Let me tell you how well I respond to bad conjugation. I don’t. I don’t respond to it at all. Don’t get me wrong, I get the idea of being aware of racial issues, but my brain shuts down when I see/hear this.

Again, let me reiterate that condescension, the insulting implication that I’m unaware or sleeping, and the irritating allegations that I’m a sheep all categorically put someone on my bad side. A little tact would go a long way.


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