Tactical Trump

As you may have heard, Trump isn’t going to the debate. My immediate reaction was to laugh and remember how Cruz (whom I despise) absolutely crushed him last time. With the kind of lead Trump is running, it’s easy to see the tactics here.

Not only does Trump get to pick a fight with a woman, he gets extra anti-establishment points by eschewing even the far-right establishment. That is probably especially necessary considering all the pro-choice quotes going around. Let’s face it, Trump didn’t used to be all that socially conservative.

Trump has nothing to gain by going to the debate. He isn’t good at debating. His particular brand relies on spewing bullshit without being questioned. Ted Cruz is way too savvy for him. So instead of potentially looking like a total failure, Trump opted for a tactical evasion. He gets to avoid a fight he doesn’t want to have and instead gets to pick a battle that’s much more in line with his talents. You’ve got to give it to him, he’s not as dumb as he seems.


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