Petty Tyrants in the Missouri Legislature

Missouri has an extremely Republican state house and senate. However, Missouri also has Kansas City and St Louis, which are Democratic strongholds. Personally, I live in Kansas City so I know a lot more about what goes on here.

A while back, Kansas City got Uber to agree to some regulations after extensive negotiations. And Uber, being the right-wing company that it is, went to the Missouri legislature because the Missouri legislature is also right-wing. Together, Uber and the legislature are currently trying to make the previously negotiated regulations illegal.

Another thing: Kansas City attempted to raise the minimum wage but the Missouri legislature made it impossible for any municipality to raise the minimum wage. It goes on and on, not just with Kansas City but also St Louis and Columbia.

The Missouri legislature, full of Republicans who criticize the federal government for overreaching, doesn’t allow for local control. It’s the one of the more shockingly hypocritical things that the Republicans do and it happens in every state.

You may have heard about what happened at the University of Missouri. There were some racist stuff, protests that not enough was being done, and then the football team got on board and the whole thing exploded until the MU leaders were forced out. Right? Pretty rough summary, I know, but that’s not what I want to talk about.

Now, the Missouri legislature wants to seize control of the University of Missouri. The university isn’t conservative and the legislature really can’t abide by that. It’s not like MU handled the protests well. No, the legislature is mad that MU handled it at all.

The legislature prefers suppression of dissent rather than dialogue or, you know, finding a solution. They prefer ignoring problems, which you can tell because the Missouri highway system is in shambles and they do nothing because it’s easier to ignore the problem than allocate some funding on what is clearly a bipartisan issue.

What I’m getting at is, the Missouri legislature is full of scumbags who abuse their power as lawmakers to attack anyone they disagree with. As you may have gathered, it makes me very angry but can’t do anything about it because they’ve manipulated redistricting to give themselves a permanent control of the legislature.


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