A brief message to Bernie diehards

So you don’t like Clinton. Whatever, I understand that. Last time we had to choose, I didn’t like her either. I liked Obama. HOWEVER, she’s clinched the nomination. There’s way no way Bernie can win. It’s not possible.

And continuing to rag on Clinton only hurts the progressive platform. Sure, she’s not as liberal as we’d like, but you’ve got to think about the consequences here. Again, Trump. Now, you might say, there’s no difference. And you’d be wrong. Let me briefly give you two incredibly important things. No matter what else can happen, these two factors are VITAL.

FIRST: Supreme Court. The next president will definitely get AT LEAST one nomination. You remember that whole gay marriage thing? Pretty sweet, right? Vote Trump and he promises to nominate hardline conservative (aka bigots) to the court. If we elect Clinton, we’ll get a court that will strike down the obviously illegal laws that are currently in effect (including the absolutely incorrect view of the 2nd Amendment).

SECOND: Veto power. Do you want to repeal Obamacare? I sure as fuck don’t. That’s the only reason I can afford health care right now. The only reason why Republicans haven’t defunded our health system is Obama’s veto power. That also goes for discriminatory anti-gay bills, bills that would eviscerate EBT and so on.


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