I love history and journalism, though I’m neither a historian or a journalist. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Design fascinates me. Politics irritate me, yet I’m addicted to them.  I find economics are weirdly thrilling. Science is amazing and science fiction is even better. I’m a news junkie that listens to too many podcasts for my own good.The world is filled with delights. I try to soak them all in from afar.

I really like writing on a variety of topics, including everything I listed above and fiction on top of it. With so many plates, I barely have time to take a bite from each before I have to move on. I’ll be releasing a short non-fiction history of the Cimbrian War (between ancient Rome and the Cimbri 113-101 BC) on Amazon. And done. Here it is.

I have a Tumblr dedicated to maps, compulsivecartographer.tumblr.com, where I put up my own maps and others I find.


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