A Message to the Media

So I keep seeing a lot of rumors and fear-mongering among liberals. Even the actual media keeps reporting on the rumors of who is going to be nominated or shit like that. It’s really irritating me. Look, guys, I know precisely how bad a Trump presidency with a fully Republican House AND Senate is going to be. There’s no way this won’t be horrific.

HOWEVER! Let’s get upset when they’ve actually done those terrible things instead of crying about it now. At this point, it’s not so different from the half-truths or lies of the right. Let’s rise above this, please.

See, I’m sick of reading about Trump. I don’t want to be miserable and anxious all the time. So, for the moment, let me be oblivious. Stop freaking out prematurely and allow me to relax in the last days of the Obama presidency.


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